Sunday, February 5, 2012

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN -Euro tour '12 day 2

We approached the venue skeptically. The address was right, but...  this was it? A library? A library full of middle aged Swedish people and creamy complexioned children? A library with middle aged Swedish people and creamy complexioned children all sipping warm beverages and eating sugary snacks at the quaint little cafe in the back? With local art being displayed? And a room in front hosting an in-progress tumbling/acrobatics class?! This was where our show was happening?

Our walk into this pleasant Swedish community center was akin to a bunch of gutter punks sitting down to Grandma's Christmas dinner. Awkward fucking contrast.This is a part of Europe I'd forgotten. It's not all playing squats and graffiti-covered venues, hardcore across seas can be a quirky animal.

Daniel (the promoter) and Jenny's place (where we were staying that night) was just up the street, so out we trudged into the blistering cold and snow to be fed THE MOST DELICIOUS VEGAN HOTDOGS ON EARTH. Bummer for us, and bummer for you (unless you live in Sweden), they are only in Sweden. But let me just say this- Justin (of Wrong Answer), a staunch believer in the 3-fast-food-meal-a-day meat-filled diet, said that it was probably the best hotdog he'd ever eaten.

Speaking of Justin... after we'd all cleaned our plates several times Daniel offered him more food, and Justin, looking over at the treats baking in the oven, shook his head and said, "Naw, I'll just wait for dessert." Daniel, seeming somewhat startled, carefully explained to Justin that the desserts were not actually for us, they were to sell at the show... but maybe, he went on, if some were left Justin could maybe have some? (Since then there's nary been a situation where one of us doesn't offer ourselves dessert- or better yet, ask Justin if he's planning on waiting for some. "Hey you guys wanna grab falafel?" "Naw, I'll just wait for dessert.")


"Now this is D.I.Y."

Daniel was watching me pull tiny bits of gum from my mouth to attach the back of our tape insert to the front. We were in an office building in downtown Stockholm where all the workers were shoeless (I added my boots to the shoe pile at the door) and I had to pretend to be Swedish (i.e.: not speak) if anyone came by to ask why we were making nearly 100 double sided color copies. It was a lunatic operation. We had started early- ridden the subway into downtown Stockholm with the dudes and split off to make a master copy of the tape art. Seems like an easy task right? Just pop on over to a print shop/office store and you're golden, no? No. Not here.

We started at a mall where Daniel asked shop after shop if we could use their printer- including the information desk at the entrance. This seemed insane to me. Can you imagine asking the mall information desk to make a couple color copies off your thumb drive for you?! I trailed behind him, the mute coffee sipping English speaker, feeling guilty for needing/receiving so much and such absurd help. Daniel told me later that if we'd been working on a school project he would have given up. It's all about priorities you know? Ours were making photocopied inserts for a small run of 2-song cassettes that almost no one on earth would ever see. Punkorities.

Outside perfect snow globe snow drifted down slowly. Ivan, a Los Angeles resident, had never seen snow before. Fucking Europe. Shock and awe man, shock and awe.

kingdom - pythoness from emma giulietta on Vimeo.


  1. WE MISS IVAN- They as in Them
    p.s. so happy you dudes and dudette are having a blast. tell Ivan "It's all about the experience" he'll know what it means!

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  3. So cool to be able to read your trip stories here .
    Wanted to send you a mail but didn t find any proper mail adress out of facebook " wall" , so i m prefering sendinv it here .

    I m a french girl owning a vegan pastry shop in Berlin , 10 mn by feet for the venue where you gonna play.
    It would be amazing if you'd have some time for a coffee and cake there .

    if not , then we see us at the show :)
    Have fun during the tour , sooooo looking forward to being on the 26th !


    Ohlala Tartes Shop / Vegan pastries
    Mainzerstrasse 18
    10247 Berlin