Friday, February 18, 2011

Scribbling bibbling

So a lot people have been asking us where the preorders for THREADS are since we said they'd be up a week after we released the song "Harbinger" and they're still nowhere to be found. Here's the answer, and a sneak peek at the layout:

And while we're talkin' art, here's some Kingdom related art that people have sent us lately. If you have some, send it our way!

This one is by Jake of the band Passengers made for Hoax zine. Here's his explanation, "These are feverfews which symbolize good health, and protection. The mass of them is supposed to represent the community protecting itself."

And here are two digital... caricatures? sent to us by W. Dolle in Germany:

And here are a couple tattoos. The first belongs to Rann from the Philippines, and the second to the guitarist of Shallow Breath.

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