Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2, Richmond, VA

Harrison St for vegan eats (biscuits and gravy, tofu steak, BBQ tofu). Village Cafe for coffee. Vinyl Conflict for records (Tragedy).

How best to describe our set at the show in Richmond... let's see.

We had the biggest pit of any band... but no one was in it. They were probably expecting something huge to happen because we're so crushingly heavy and made space to accommodate, and out of dead fear of the impending mosh they stayed far, far away from us. Yeahhh... that's what it was.

The show was at the Warehouse and was with Mindset (Bmore), Deadbeat (Richmond), Break Away (Richmond), and Turnstile (Bmore). I checked out Break Away before we left for tour, and as I told them after the show, I felt like I needed to X up to even listen to them in my room. Break Away is bringin' hate edge back. Turnstile (who share members with TUI) got the biggest reaction of the night, which was surprising considering it was their second show ever. The wonders of the internet! I feel like when you watch Mindset all you can think is, "This is a hardcore band." They're like, exactly what a hardcore band is. You could time capsule Mindset and when someone found them 1,000 years from now they'd be like, "Ahhh, I get it."

The sound was really wack for our set (I actually thought the bass amp was off the whole time) and the crowd was pretty chilly. A few kids were into it though which made it more than worth it. Not every show can be Frederick, not every kid likes our style, or our politics, or our members. What can ya do?

After the show we hung in the warehouse kitchen with friends (which seems to be the usual night time activity) and told fight stories of hardcore yesteryear ("And then he pulled a knife...", "And we had pipes and shit...", "And they broke both his arms...", etc, etc), Lee told of about how, in his own personal hell, Ryan Braces (of Bracewar) is screaming at him to mosh harder and harder but no matter how hard he moshes it's never hard enough and he spends eternity trying to "RESPECT NOTHING!", then eventually went into Mac's room, pulled out his jiujitsu mats to sleep on, then stayed up until 4 going over every reason people give for not being vegan and refuting it, which was a fun though pointless (since we were all vegan) activity.  (Interested in veganism? Click here.)

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