Sunday, January 9, 2011


Since Facebook blows for bands and Myspace is the worst thing currently on the internet, we are now posting all our most current show info here on the blog. See that tab up top that says "UPCOMING SHOWS"? Click on it and you will enter a world of details, a place positively ripe with information regarding all of our upcoming performances.

We leave in just a couple weeks! Get all the pertinent data on our shows as they relate to your location on the above tab, then come hang out.



  1. Stoked to be playing with you guys in Atlanta.

  2. Don't forget Brazil!!!!

  3. Facebook doesn't totally suck for bands; check out rootmusic(.com)'s BandPage tab; it will pull show feeds from (need to register a separate account) and do music, videos, etc. just like MySpace. ArtistData will also push shows to PureVolume and Twitter, and probably BandCamp; the MySpace link is kind of busted. Get at me if you want some more info on all of this and other tips for social networkingzzz.