Monday, January 17, 2011


It's here! The mastered record! Here's the opening track off "Threads", which will coming out soon on Dead Truth Recordings.  (Pre orders coming later this week.) Move all breakables out of the way...

We're moving off myspace soon and over to bandcamp, check out our kewl bandcamp page.

And here is a video where Davin explains a bit about "Threads" and the story behind the song "Harbinger".

You can't break me
Against my throat a persuasive blade
Talks me under a man without a face
As I inhale with the first pang of pain
The girl I was a breath ago slips away
When I stand the world's a battlefield
Though I know now it always was
Where so many share his silhouette
So many cower under his threat
We, the 51%... but I am who one less
I'm a living message 
A promise of vengeance
Oh how surprised he'll be to find he's made a warrior of me!
The shake of my virgin thighs rings out through time like a war cry calling
Calling: make them suffer
Make them plead
Erase them to the memory
Oracle eyes
I see through sites
And I've become your destiny
I laugh when he approaches, yeah he misinterprets me
He sees a smile as my lips curl into a sneer (teeth bared)
And a sparkle in my eyes as I strike the flint (fuse lit)
He's not afraid but I'll teach him fear
He's not ashamed but I'll make him revere it
Let try to rally his boys, yeah bring 'em right to me
The sun rounds the earth again and again
I've spent my years swingin' at faceless men
My victory may be a bitter one
But all will know this one thing when I am done:
You can't break me


  1. Great sounding, and really, really good to hear a hardcore band singing about this subject. Inspiring!

  2. Love it, the lyrics are fantastic. Thank you so much for singing about women issues!