Friday, December 31, 2010



"Dead Truth Recordings is tremendously pleased to announce that we will be releasing “Threads”, the latest 7″ ep from Philadelphia’s Kingdom. The 4 song ep, recorded by Mike Reaves (Swamp Thing, Fire & Ice, Bracewar), will unleash their best (and coincidentally heaviest) songs to date.

Kingdom has released 2 eps, a full length on Eulogy Recordings, has toured the U.S. extensively and toured Europe more than most Euro bands. Kingdom has an un-matched work ethic and is completely dedicated to what they strive for.

This ep proves Kingdom is still pissed, still punk and even more relevant than ever. “Threads” sounds like the revolutionary counterpart of Crowbar, Madball, and Hatebreed in a bar fight. This record packs a proper kick in the ass this scene needs and deserves.

Kingdom proves the vegan straightedge is still strong on the eastern front."

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