Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Studio Stories, part 4

Ever noticed how punk kids are infatuated with garlic? You know, those new wave peace punks- the ones that run Food Not Bombs and live in collective houses and silk screen bike (or garlic) themed patches? These folks have more garlic tattoos than any other group of people on earth. The bands they listen to have garlic-themed art in their records. Their sub culture and that vegetable have intertwined in my mind so completely that when I'm chopping garlic (aka "upping the garlix") for my dinner I feel almost subversive.

This is relevant, because on day 3 of recording, James, Dave, and I swung by Elwood Thompson's (a local health food store) on our way to the studio (garage) and got something for brunch that was the fucking holy grail of garlic. How we didn't have to beat through a line of hippie punx to get it I don't know. $3.50 each got us calzones stuffed with daiya cheese, mushrooms, spinach, tomato sauce, and WHOLE ROASTED CLOVES OF GARLIC. Like 15 cloves per calzone. Is that even healthy? Can you OD on garlic? And if you do, do you ascend to a place where everyone wears patched pants, giant pots of stew are always simmering, and you're seated, eternally, behind a table of anarchist literature at a never ending crust show?

At the studio Mike had moved things from the garage to a bedroom. We recorded bass while James, always the snoozer, slept on the bed, I hung out on the plushly carpeted floor, and Dave (who recorded bass just for consistency's sake), kicked back in a cozy chair to lay tracks. He played a Fender P-bass and recorded directly (no loud amps like the day before) via a Sans amp.

Bass was done within a few hours, and then it was time to do vocals. Something was off for me and nothing I did sounded good, so we scrapped the day. We went over all the things that could have thrown me, and realized that it was singing in natural light (with was pouring in through the bedroom windows)- something most hardcore vocalists never do. We tried to think of any times we'd even played in sunlight, and only Fluff Fest and Ieper Fest came to mind- and even those were incredibly awkward, but the presence of huge crowd helped offset the weird. In the bedroom, the situation was made weirder by the presence of... well, a bedroom. So we told Mike that we wanted to move back into the garage for vocals, which were set for the next day.

With a half a day still left, we did what we always do- we ate. This time we went to Panda Garden. After eating some mock meat, we spent about an hour filming each other saying rapmetal things like, "No one understands me." and, "My parents kept me in their cage for 15 years!" thinking it would be SO entertaining to show y'all in our video update, which of course it would not be. Don't worry, we'll leave it out of the videos.

At the cash register, I overheard one waiter teaching another to count in Chinese. I asked if she was learning Chinese, she said yes then asked if I was learning Chinese, and I said, "No, but he is!" and pointed to Dave. Dave has been learning Mandarin for the last couple of months (his 5th language of the year- he's been studying Russian, German, Italian, and Portuguese as well) and, upon hearing this the Chinese-speaking waiter grabbed the Chinese-speaking owner of Panda Garden and rushed him to our table, where Dave was thrust into the spotlight of having a conversation in Mandarin with an entire restaurant gawking at him (including me and James.) But he did it. Amazing right?

Back at the warehouse, a Blink 182 cover band was practicing and people were baking goodies. The night wore on in a blur of chatter and snacks, then Fire and Ice started practicing. (Richmond was being very Richmond, as usual.) Then I don't know how it started, but I got my face paints out (I've worked as a professional face painter for the last 5 years) and James was sitting in a chair, face up, waiting to be transformed. Without telling him what he was going to be, I painted him into a koala as everyone stood around giggling madly.

Next up was our friend Brandon (a dragon):

Then Dave (a pig):

Then I ran into the bathroom and painted myself:

(btw- all these faces are copyrighted by Stacey Hogan!)
Fire and Ice finished practicing, and after taking almost an hour of video of us acting like what we were painted as (including Brandon breathing fire), we went downstairs and skated, moshed, and randomly played instruments until 2 in the morning.

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