Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday

Same shit, different year.

Black Friday (off The Rage That Guides)

Work today
Cash rules everything around me
And everything around me is empty
But how can we run escapeless seas?
I put one foot in and sink
I put one foot in and think
We're all sunk by the misery of deceit
Check out today
Cash rules everyone around me
And everyone around me is empty
Disinherited of life
Off the plank we dive
To depths so low
To depths so cold
We choose to breathe below the sea
We choose to sink
Our spirit's poverty
Turns to fury
Turns to frenzy
Believe us when we say that today's casualty was an act of love
We sink
We sink
We sink


  1. This is just crazy and disturbing when people will learn that there thing more important that cash and buying stuff

  2. The people in that video are fucking pathetic.