Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thrilling tales from the studio, Part 1

Outside the grimy 2000 Coach Bus station in DC a well-groomed man with a harmonica serenaded Dave and I with an unskilled rendition of "Birds Suddenly Appear" and, upon seeing Dave's guitar case and finding out we were on our way to Richmond to record with our band, he insisted we trade contact info "because it's all about who you know, you know?" (Look out for the Kingdom/Harmonica guy world tour...) Shortly after he left a tiny Chinese woman ran up and shouted, "Richie-mend! Richie-mend!" and motioned for us to follow her, and since Richie-mend was were we were dragging our out of shape, guitar-toting asses, we boarded the the anxiety-inducing China Town bus.

Recording Journal, PART 1.
Richmond, Virginia

First things first. FOOD. Y'all know you miss hearing about what we eat.

Great news: the old Twisters building on Grace St has shed its skin yet again and burst forth from the chrysalis of "Bagel Czar" to become a junk food hot spot for vegans and t-rexes alike called Strange Matter. They have a sandwich that consists of shredded jackfruit turkey, vegan ham, and 'teese' on French Toast with Syrup. Yeah, not even kidding. So of course, when we weren't in the studio, we took up residence at Strange Matter.

Second things second. Though Pierce is impossible to replace, we do have a new bass player. His name is James Pollard. Or Yames Poyard, if you like. You may know him from such bands as Pistol Bitch, or as a gang-vocalist on such records as The Rage That Guides, by us.

And since we have not had a drummer since Ben, our original drummer, left, our friend Mike Reaves (who plays in a band called Swamp Thing) wrote and is recording with us. In fact, he IS recording us. His recordings are sick. We are stoked.

At the studio, things were tight. James hung out...

And Dave hung out...

and when Mike wasn't pounding away, he hung out...

... and I hung out, too.

Being in a band is cool because of the moments we share together.

After recording, we shared some moments with some friends

And all in all, it was a sucessful trip. Pounds were gained, tracks were laid. More soon...


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  1. if/when (i'm assuming the latter) you guys make it to Providence, check out the vegan monte cristo at Julians. it's on point.