Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So the other day I'm chatting with a friend on facebook (btw, add us!) and he says, "So I heard Kingdom broke up, that's a bummer..."

Now this is surprising to me as we're in the midst of writing a new record that we''ll be recording this summer, working non-stop to save money to record and print shirts and pay rent for the months we're gone on tour (which will be US later this year, and other continents next year- which means we're saving for plane tickets, too.)

"How did you get this gross misinformation?", I ask him. He tells me that a friend of his mentioned it in casual conversation. As in, "Yeah, work sucks, I've been hitting up the gym, and did you hear that Kingdom broke up?"

Then a few days later I'm catching up with a friend on the phone, telling him about our new record and he asks if we're going to tour. I'm like, "duh dude" and he jokes, "Only in Europe though, right?"

So Dave and I get talking about all this and we decide that the average hc kid, my friends included, think of bands in terms of what they've done in the last 6 months. The kid that thought we broke up probably hadn't seen us play for the last 6 months (since our last US tour was last spring), so he just assumed that our band was over. (Seriously, if a band is not playing the pacific northwest every 3 months that's the only logical conclusion you could draw, right?) And then my friend, who's a little more up to date on what we do, knows that 6 months ago we were on tour in Europe, but now in his mind this is the only place we go. Ever. (Makes total sense.)

So to clear things up:

We are not broken up.
We are writing a new record right now. (5 songs are currently written- we'll be putting 4 on a 7")
Our next tour will be this fall in America.
Then (hopefully) South America over the winter.
And sometime in 2011, we'll tour Europe.

ps. The 9 Lives 7"  is streamable here if you want to listen to it.


  1. *-*

    You MUST come to Brazil!!!

  2. and Poland. :D btw, how's your Polish/Dave's Russian? :P

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  4. looking forward to 'sometime in 2011'!

  5. I had a discussion very similar to this at This Is Hardcore, when I told a friend that Ensign was playing a show in DC. He asked if it was a reunion, and I told him that it wasn't, since they never broke up.

    "Yeah, but they never really play shows, so it's basically a reunion."

    I think the concept that people in bands have other things to do with their lives is wholly lost on hardcore kids. For whatever reason, in the minds of hardcore kids, inactivity equals death. It's a pretty sad state of affairs, when you're either the hot band all over the message boards, or you only exist as a band whose "vintage" shirts can be sold on eBay for five times their original purchase price.

    At any rate, as someone that understands the need for a band's occasional inactivity, I'm looking forward to the new record.

  6. Come tour Norway and Sweden. We've got bad-ass venues!