Friday, September 25, 2009

Pierce is no longer in Kingdom :(

Pierce (our bassist) has decided to leave the band. We're still all great friends, message boards will be sorry to hear that there was no epic battle or dramatic reason for him to leave, just the usual: needing money, wanting time with his family, etc, etc. No wait. Let's make a rumor about him leaving...

Ok... we were in Macedonia, Dave handed him a roasted corn on the cob, Pierce thought the corn looked kind of phallic and that the manner in which Dave was holding it seemed to be suggesting hand job exchange. Now obviously Pierce reacted- not out of distaste for Dave- but as my friend, since Dave is my boyfriend and was going behind my back, to one of my best friends, seeking an HJ. So Pierce grabbed the corn, threw it in Dave's face (which gave him second degree burns on his cheeks) then ran back to the venue and told me what happened. Dave CLAIMS he was just trying to give Pierce some corn. We're now in couples counseling. I'm trying to be forgiving, but Pierce is old school and doesn't condone that kind of deceitful hanky panky. He finished the Euro tour as a favor to me. His final words to me on tour were "I refuse to be in a band where band members are cheating on band members with other band members, so I can no longer be a band member." I said, "Well said."

Seriously though. Pierce has been with Kingdom in one way or another since our very first show in 2006 (he was one the first to buy our demo!), then he did merch for us on a 2 month long US tour in 2007, then he joined the band in 2008, we wrote and recorded a record together, and traveled around the world. He's one of my best friends, my little big brother, a multi-talented dude who can rap, breakdance, rollerblade, and shred the bass, and he will never not be moshing to Madball.

Kingdom will still go on without him, even though he's going to be awwwwwwwwwwwwwfully hard to replace. Ben (our original drummer) has still not been replaced (we've been touring with fill ins since he left), so we're still looking for a drummer, and now we're also looking for a bassist. If you're interested, vegan, straight edge, and able to get to Philly for practice, and able to tour a lot starting next year- get in touch!

And huge thanks to Pierce, I would give you all the chips in the world if I could.


(At Pierce's last show with Kingdom- Ieperfest, Belgium)