Sunday, August 23, 2009

Euro tour update #22 FLUFF FEST PICTORIAL

I wish Fluff Fest happened every month and I always had a way to get there. This is a perfect hardcore fest. It's where bands big and small from all over the world play in front of thousands of kids who are actually paying attention. Where as many people watch the opening band as the headlining band. People camp around the fest*, vegan food is available from morning to midnight for 1-3 euros and it's delicious, there are no fights, and after the shows end the merch/small stage tents are turned into karaoke and dance parties.

*Unless they are me. The only thing I wanted for my birthday was a hotel room for Fluff, Dave got it for me, and I enjoyed long, hot showers, toilet paper, a lack of insects, peace and quiet, and a soft bed with space to roll around. It was lovely.

(I only took about 5 photos because I was too busy having fun to grab my camera.)

Rad bands that played:

Ray- Moscow, Russia
Glasses- Germany
To Kill- Italy
Zann- Germany
Death Is Not Glamorous- Norway
Fall Of Efrafa- UK
Reconcile- Argentina
Tesa- Latvia