Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Euro Tour update #2 Malmo, Sweden

We were awoken by the nice residents of G18 at 8 am. They had gotten up early to prepare breakfast for us- warm rolls, tofu scramble, and coffee. Fucking Euros, you know? I would not get up at 8 am for any thing or one. This is just one of the many reasons I believe that someday moving to Europe will, eventually, make me a better person. After breakfast we got into the van where I fell asleep for hours. I woke up as we pulled up to the ferry we had to take from Germany to Denmark. I spent the 30 minute ride washing up in the bathroom as Danish and German ladies came in and out and sitting on the deck, taking in the sun. Back in the van, I fell asleep for more hours.

We played a venue called Untkanten- in English this means "Outskirts", a name chosen, I was told, because it represents both the location of the warehouse (on the outskirts of Malmo), and the political ideologies of those who frequent it. Witty, no? Untkanten is a warehouse space used for shows and political events. More political graffiti, bicycles everywhere, a weight room, and a huge kitchen filled with swedes who were busy cooking us dinner.

This was a 2 band show, just us and Dead Vows, so after dinner (this was pasta salad that I passed up, instead purchasing my own soy milk and chocolate crisp cereal), some games of ping pong (I suck, so does Dave, and Ryan beat Gabi like 8 million times), Dead Vows hit the stage. We were about to start, but noticed a kid up front about to X up. "We'll wait for straight edge." Our set was very hot and very fun. Stage dives, pile ons, and by the end very little remained of the Xs on my hands. All had been sweat and smeared off, probably on the faces of Swedish kids.

Now it is is past midnight. Dead Vows and Ryan are crashed out, Pierce is beside me watching Law and Order, Dave is on my other side asleep in the most uncomfortable looking position. I'm listening to Wisdom in Chains ("Nazi head stomp!") and watching Gabi drive us through a thick fog. On one side of the van the sky is black and a half moon hangs in the sky. On the other side it looks like sunset- old, fading blues leak into deep lavenders and dusky pinks, silhouetting the little towns and trees we drive by. Tomorrow's show fell through so we will finally sleep at our leisure, and maybe, hopefully, adjust to living 6 hours in the future.

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