Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tour Update #8, Reno

Enough things could not be said about how much we love to play Reno. I had been looking forward to this show and try as might to stop my mind from hyping it, it did, and then the reality of the show exceeded my expectations. Thank you to everyone who was there, it was such a righteous night!

We got into town and I had a number in my phone that a kid named Buck had given me in our 5 minute conversation after our set at the Blast-O-Mat in Denver, saying to call his friend Levi in Reno, who would then take us around, feed us, and put us up. It seemed a little odd, being connected to a total stranger in Reno by a near-stranger half-way across the country, but you know, that's the beauty of hardcore. People tend to glamorize the past ("back in the day") so often and become so jaded on the present that they fail to notice that the influx of idiots aside, the scene is more or less the same as it always was. Sure, you may not wave at another kid wearing a hardcore shirt on the street, and the Internet kinda killed cross country pen-pals and mixed tapes... but this is still a culture, and this is still a community. One week on tour with us and you'll see that. It never stops inspiring me, and never stops amazing me. A mutual love of Minor Threat somehow connects us all and introduces a level of trust that you would not even find amongst friends in the "normal" world. We open our homes, our fridges, our wallets, whatever we have we give to and share with each other. Shit is rad! Anyway. I still felt a *little* weird about the whole Levi thing, like... what was I gonna say, "Hi.... I am someone you don't know in a band you've probably never heard of. But uh, do you wanna do nice things for me and my band like that dude in Denver told me you wanted to?" So I texted him to avoid any possible discomfort.

After the text was sent, we went into my favorite casino- Circus Circus. After spending my last $3 on a quarter toss in an attempt to win a teddy bear, and a basketball game that Dave beat me at twice (fuck you Dave), Pierce hit the blackjack table and I took $20 to roulette. After Pierce had lost, won, then broken even and I won $8, it dawned on me that I hadn't heard back from Levi. Then I saw my phone had no reception in the casino. Dammit.

Outside, I got the return text saying him had been awaiting our call and wanted to take us out to eat (on him!) at any vegan place we wanted to go. Woah. We met up with him at the Pneumatic cafe and ate ourselves stupid on vegan sandwiches and hung with Levi, who was (obviously) wicked nice. We headed to the show, which was in a basement. This was our first day with our new bff's THE WRATH. They are amazing. So straight edge, so heavy, so, sooooo much fun. We miss them terribly. The new Armed For Battle band, Wolf City, played, I think it was their 2nd show. The Wrath played and I couldn't even get into the room because the mosh was way too br00tal. Run With The Hunted played next, and then it was very late and very hot and we assumed people would start to filter out, but no! Our set was explosive, kids screamed the words in my face and I'm sure that by the end of the night I was covered in a dozen people's saliva, but with as sweaty as I was I'm sure it all just dripped off of me.

Wes from A Better Hope Foundation brought us a double match of vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which were unfuckingbelievably delicious.

After the show we headed to Levi's HUGE rad house where we did laundry and took long, luxurious showers. Pierce shaved his beard which took... I'd say... an hour and a half? Then he popped his head out of the bathroom to show us his baby face, which was fucking COVERED in old, slimy beard hair. Ryan's pants and refused shirt somehow got bleach on them and didn't make it out of Reno. RIP.

We left the morning to pick us Wes (he rode with us to So Cal), he piled in the back of this windowless, seatless van, and we hit the road onward to the Bay Area to hang (and eat) on our one day off.

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