Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour update #10, Oakdale + Murrieta, California

Remember what I said about west coasters and their desire to hug and touch you? This proved itself again at our show in Oakdale, California. This was a show set up 3 or 4 days before it happened. The Wrath, Rebuilt, Horizons, some christian band, a local 3 piece, a local Pantera-influenced metal band (the singer looked straight out that metal club in Wayne's World), and of course we were all there to play to the throng of attendees. Despite that the "throng" was comprised of 20 or so people, I still managed to spent my whole night dodging hugs. God damn west coast hugs. It was a nightmare. I tried to resist, but it was to no avail. Those west coast arms will get you every time. I must admit though, there was one hug I returned. A dude came over to me and said that he had gone vegetarian last year because of our music, and that- to me- is just about the greatest thing I could hear.... so going against everything I know, I squeezed that motherfucker tight.

The Wrath's set ruled as always. Dave and I worked on the video tour update (have you seen those yet? Search XKINGDOMX on youtube and they'll come up!) in the van during Rebuilt and Horizons (despite that tour is nothing but free time- very little of it can you use for anything other than driving or playing, so sometimes you have to miss bands even when you don't want to- which sucked- but I did get to pick up a Rebuilt 7", which did not.)

Now, I think mosh calls are stupid*, but when used for comedic purposes, can be great. (see: Bishop in Warsaw, Poland "THIS IS WARSAWWWWWWWWW!", or Battle! in Sarasota, Florida, "TAKE YOUR SHIRTS OFF AND FLEXXXXXX!") So, as a nod to our christian show-mates, I gave the only mosh-call of this tour, shouted with sincerity during the song "Pythoness", whilst grabbing my crotch: "Bible thump THIS motherfuckers!" The representatives of JCHC stayed behind their blessed merch table while the hug-loving heathens moshed in the name of clitoral pleasure. =)

After the show we drove through the night to my friend Jayme's house. We arrived t 4 am while she was getting ready for work, and we slept like babies until the time she got out of work, at 3pm. We hung with our new friend, Martine, played guitar hero (poorly, as seen in our tour update), and then piled in the van and headed to Murrieta, California, very, verrrry slowly. LA traffic is a doozy.

We got to the show just in time to deliver Wes (who had been with us since Reno) to his band, A Better Hope Foundation, and we finally got to see them play. They were so sweet!

During the last band The Wrath's merch table got flipped and our table was almost broken in half, so I guess in all I'd say it was a good show. This is me trying not to puke a burrito I had eaten on the way:

From there we said goodbye to Wes who had been reunited with his bandmates and hopped in the van, all in silly moods. Pierce and I sent texts to people we didn't know well or hadn't talked to in a long time, saying things like, "I want to suck your balls" or "I want to feel you cum", thinking it would be hilarious. But after the people we wrote to wrote back stoked, the joke was less funny (to us), so while our van-mates laughed at us, we dealt with the uncomfortable situations we had gotten ourselves into.

We woke up in the afternoon. Martine, Jayme, me and the dudes all headed to Hollywood to eat at a vegan soul food restaurant called Taste Of Life. See, the problem with a lot of west coast vegan food is that it caters to people who want to eat "healthy", and it tastes like what I imagine people who aren't vegan think vegan food tastes like- cardboard. Personally, if it made it more delicious, I would deep fry my morning oatmeal. So the idea of soul food on the west side of the US intrigued me but I did not have high hopes. But, my west coast stereotype be damned, The Taste Of Life seemed to be on the east coast side of vegan food- everything was oily (but not gross, just not made for anyone on a diet), and deeeeeelightful. Here's what I got:

Mac N Cheese, "Pork" roast, Kale

Corn Bread

Cauliflower in an ocean of butter with cheese sauce on the side

We hung out with the owners, who force fed Ryan and Jayme (the two pickiest eaters on earth) free food, then took a crew shot before departing:

We said our regretful goodbyes, and headed on to what was to be one of our favorite nights of tour in Riverside, California.

*Unless you are Death Before Dishonor, 100 Demons, Skarhead or any other band of that genre. If Shattered Realm tells me to put someones head through a wall, watch out.

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