Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US tour update #5 - record release

Twin Falls, Idaho. RECORD RELEASE!

When Ben and I (Ben is our original drummer, does all our design, AND drew the cover of our new record. He is now is a band called BRAVE YOUNG) had first talked about starting this band, we had daydreamed aloud to each other about what labels we would love to be on in some imaginary future and Eulogy was one of them. So when, 2 years later, Eulogy contacted us about signing with them we were SO stoked! Then after doing 7 or 8 tours (including European tours) on about 5 original songs and a slew of dumb covers, we finally got off the road long enough to sit down and write a full length. Ben, though no longer in the band, came up to Philly to help us write, and he, Dave, and I sat around in my living room and- with their two guitars plugged into a practice amp, wrote "The Rage That Guides" over the course of a month. Then Dave, Pierce, and I headed down to Greensboro, NC to record, crashing at Ben's house, practicing at Brave Young's space, and taking up all of Ben's time (btw, he also wrote/recorded the drums on the record... what a guy.) Barf was also there, providing both support and inspiration.

You're inspired now too, aren't you?

Anyway, recording went quickly,-we tracked all 10 songs in 7 days. (here are some pics from recording:)

For me, hardcore isn't just music. These aren't "just songs". These are reflections of us, of who we are, what we stand for, what we want. So when we wrote this record, I put everything I had into it. I stopped everything else I was doing. I didn't even work. I stayed up all night, writing till 6 or 7 am, sleeping a few hours here and there, waking up in the night to scribble down more ideas. During recording my throat went hoarse and after the final day I lost my voice completely for 3 days. It was really fun, and really draining, and a long time coming.

Having this record come out on a label I respect so much is rad. Eulogy has been awesome to work with as well, never making us do anything we don't want to do, and helping us with anything we do want to do, aaaaand we're in company of both friends and bands we love- Kids Like Us, Furious Styles, Shattered Realm, and Thick As Blood to name a few.

So March 31st, 2009 was the culmination of years of planning and a lot of hard work.... so it was like, kiiiiiiiind of a big day.

I spent this big day switching between sleeping (pictured)
and sitting in horror as we drove as fast as we could through endless blizzards. After our brutal 11 hour drive from Colorado to Idaho, we arrived at the venue exhausted, dehydrated, and in desperate need of quality time with the bathroom... 5 minutes before we had to play. "Kingdom, you're here! Great! Load in... you play right now."

We dropped the quickest deuces, downed waters, and plugged in.

After our set, I overheard people quoting bible scripture to each other, and a kid who told me he had driven 4 hours to see us also told me that his dog was in the Guinness Book of World's Records for being the biggest dog on earth, and that his dog had died recently when its' stomach exploded. Hmmmm. Our set was good- funny, fun- lots of moshing... but we left beat as hell, and slept on a cat-pee saturated carpet after filling ourselves with ramen and watching Pierce lift weights to a Terror ringtone. We woke up early for another 10 hour drive, this time to Spokane, Washington.

PS. You can get "The Rage That Guides" at

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