Sunday, April 12, 2009

US tour update #4- Mission, Kansas/ Denver, CO

Mission, Kansas. This was a very exciting day for us. We did 10 days with a band we were not at all stoked to be out with, and Mission marked our final day with them. We made a celebration dinner after the show- hashbrown triangles, beans and rice with fresh cilantro, red and yellow onions, guacamole, mushrooms and ate ourselves stupid and happy.

(a barely visible ryan and a train in kansas:)

(dave in kansas:)

At the show, I got into a heated discussion about sex and straight edge with an older hc couple (spawned by something I said before the song "Pythoness" during our set.) The woman was in total disagreement with me that sex, in whatever capacity you choose to have it- if done responsibly- is fine, saying things like that if you have sex in your early teenage years it's surely an addiction (?) and that "nothing good" comes from promiscuity, only "unwanted pregnancies and disease" (forget that these things come from monogamous relationships as well.)

"...and I can think of some good things that come from promiscuity..." I smirked and raised my eyebrows suggestively, but she was not amused, the conversation was going nowhere, and it was time to load out.

We stayed with Mickey, the promoter, and his two demon cats that abused and battled our sleeping toes all night. We awoke at the crack of dawn to do the first in our series of mega-drives, this one to Denver, Colorado to play Blast-O-Mat.

Dave is a fucking champ. He is the only driver on this tour (insurance reasons) and while Ryan and Pierce fuck around and hang out in the back, and I snooze and and give "helpful" driving tips (btw, I never learned to drive) in the front, he drives long hours sure and steady- blasting Crowbar with the cruise control set at 72 mph. We got to Blast-O-Mat, a rad record store/venue owned by none other than my old friend Rudy (who I met when I lived in Oregon- he was the only other HC kid for mileeeees), and a friend brought us DELICIOUS vegan pizza. Shit was out of hand. Vegan sausage, pepperoni, cheese, olive, mushrooms, and every other topping imaginable.

We played with a rad band called Thrive (you can hear them for a sec in our video update), and met a kid involved in the PEACEFUL PRAIRIE SANCTUARY- an all-vegan volunteer run animal sanctuary- who showed me a hilarious photo of a rescued llama standing very erectly in a kiddie pool. LOLz were had.


After the show (which ruled) we went to the singer of Thrive, Rocky's house. He made us dinner: grilled veggies and pine nut chili to pour on top on corn tortillas, it was serious gourmet and much appreciated.

We got up at 8 am for the most epic of all drives- 11 hours to Twin Falls, Idaho for our record release show. God damn. We swung by Watercourse (veggie restaurant) for a few vegan blue plate specials (homefries with rosemary gravy, tofu scramble, and toast) and some delicious fucking pastries (cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins.) We stuffed ourselves stupid, and I fell asleep while Dave's expert hands and feet guided us through snowstorms all the way to Idaho...

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