Thursday, February 26, 2009

PRE ORDER "The Rage That Guides"


You can also download the track "Real Crime" for free (along with songs from Furious Styles, Thick As Blood, Shattered Realm, and more) at:

Our 6-week US tour dates* are up on our myspace, as well as our 2 month european tour (July w/ Sweden's DEAD VOWS, August with NY's RHINOCEROS)

ps. This is in Warsaw, Poland the other day.... watch this and LOL:

*we are still booking, so if you want to bring us to your town, hit us up!


  1. Hi! My name is Jens, I write for one of swedens few outspoken vegan straight edge blogs ( We met briefly at Fire & Ice, I worked in the kitchen and gave you what was left of the brownies (sorry again that there was no food left!). I was hoping that you would be interested in answering some questions for the blog?

    If you get the time in the midst og your seemingly endless touring, here are the questions:

    - Where do you find inspiration lyrically and what ideals do the band stand for?
    - In what ways are you striving for these ideals? Is it only through the band or are you active in other ways as well?
    - What do you think is the most crucial argument for veganism?
    - Do you see straight edge as political statement or a purely personal choice?
    - Why do you think there are so few girls in the hardcore scene and how do you suggest we go about to change that?
    - Do you think DIY is important to the hardcore scene? Why/why not?

    Hope to see you again this summer!


  2. Oh, and one more thing! Send your answers to

  3. never thought I'd see people 2-steping to reagan youth. really good cover