Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Hope you feel a bit better now...

Hey, hope you feel a bit better now since your back home. You looked, sorry to say, like shit after the last show in belgium. And since you pied in your pants in cologne, germany...... Anyway. just wanna let you know that we care about you guys over here and wish you all the best. Thanx for a few good days over here......

Looking forward to see you back in summer."

For the record, I did not PIE my pants, as much as I would have enjoyed that. Maybe a little blueberry, or key lime would have been pleasant. Unfortunatly however, I peed them. In Saalfeld, Germany I got really sick (some sort of flu/cold hybrid from hell) and now that we've made it back to the states, I've spent most of my time sleeping. This blog also got marked as spam so we weren't able to update. But no worries, I'm sick and being lazy in the midwest and have plenty of time to catch ya'll up. But before I look back, let's look forward:

If you go there, you will see the dates for our 6 week US tour that starts March 20th. We are going just about everywhere. We're also still booking, so if you'd like to see us in your town, hit us up on myspace!

We also have 1/2 of our European summer tour posted, the first month is all eastern Europe (Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey!) and we'll be going with Sweden's DEAD VOWS ( We will be announcing the second month (Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy, France, Etc) soon.